MULLEN, Company & Brand

Mullen Technologies, Inc. is a diverse group of people, partners and organizations committed to the development, sustainability and affordability of clean energy.

Primarily, Mullen is an electric vehicle manufacturer of USDOT certified vehicles utilizing state of the art battery and energy technologies.  Over $750 million has been invested into a four door, five passenger family sedan with a spacious trunk and 220 mile range per charge, with an MSRP of under $30,000.  Future versions of this marquee vehicle will include a 650 mile all-electric range with Level 3 charging of 80% of capacity in under 30 minutes.

Mullen also commits tremendous energy and financial resources to the development of alternative battery technology and research into emerging scientific discoveries to create the best and most productive batteries available to consumers whether they be private, commercial or government.

The Company is also a distributor of electric vehicles that are highway certified and low speed vehicles (LSV).  Through a developing national and international automobile dealer and franchise network, Mullen will ultimately market two low speed vehicles, an SUV, compact and two sedans from one of the largest foreign automakers BAIC, its’ own Mullen 700e, and various other all-electric vehicles that complement the full line of vehicles which will become the industry standard in the all-electric automobile industry.

Finally and most importantly, Mullen strives to continue to develop state of the art energy storage systems, improve battery technology and make the best all-around all-electric car on the market.

It’s a Mullen…’The Affordable Electric Car Company’.