Kwabena Johnson, VP of Mullen Detroit Automotive Division

Kwabena Johnson, VP of Mullen Detroit Automotive Division

LA HABRA, California—June 2, 2017—Mullen Technologies, Inc. today announced that Kwabena Johnson will join the company as senior vice president of its Detroit Automotive Division, reporting to Mullen CEO David Michery. Johnson comes to Mullen from long standing electric vehicle manufacturer Detroit Electric, where he has been VP of Sales and Marketing since 2006. Kwabena will be responsible for Mullen’s strategic development and supply chain management for the Sports Car and Eco2 (Economy + Ecosystem) vehicle line manufactured utilizing a modular build system. “We envision The Eco2 process will change the way vehicles are manufactured and sold. “Q” (Kwabena) possesses a level of precision matched with commitment like no one else we’ve met,” said David Michery, Mullen’s CEO. “We are thrilled to have him join our team and bring his incredible experience to Mullen.”

Prior to joining Detroit Electric, Johnson held an executive positions at Ford Motor Company from 1996 – 2006. Johnson served our country in the United States Marine Corps and holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Mullen is the only DOT approved, fully electric vehicle (“EV”) manufacture in the world next to Tesla. Mullen leads the future of affordable EV’s where the rest have failed. Mullen has reinvented the accessibility of EV’s, and is defining the future of how vehicles will be manufactured and sold.

About Mullen Technologies:
Mullen Technologies, Inc. is a California based pre-IPO Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer and international distributor of high tech, zero emission vehicles. The Company aims at solving the significant environmental problem caused by gasoline powered vehicles and providing a variety of affordable, electric cars to the American market and the entire world market.  Currently, the Company manufactures a proprietary USDOT certified four door electric sedan.  The company is in negotiations with several international vehicle manufacturers to develop joint ventures to bring quality, cost effective vehicles to the United States for certification and distribution.

Mullen Technologies, Inc. is committed to not only low cost, high quality product, but to being a fiscally responsible organization that values good business sense and refuses to spend indiscriminately or irresponsibly.

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