pic-100e4-aMullen has already sold a majority of the received vehicles and will be delivering the vehicles immediately to begin fulfilling some of the $4 million in purchase orders currently in Mullen’s possession. These four passenger low speed vehicles, which come with four wheel disc brakes, air conditioning, and up to 60 miles in range, have been DOT approved and will begin the quick process for the California Air Resources Board certification immediately. However, out of state and foreign clients will begin receiving these vehicles right away.

The 100e4 is now the second low speed vehicle and the third vehicle overall in the Mullen line of all-electric automobiles. The other two door, two passenger vehicle, the 100e, has already been DOT and CARB approved and is currently being marketed and delivered to domestic dealerships throughout the US. Mullen’s premier vehicle, the 180 mile range 700e, is being produced now and will be on display, again, at the LA Auto Show this November.

The 100e4 is the latest in a growing line of all-electric vehicles that Mullen will be bringing to the domestic market. Mullen is in the process of receiving the next vehicles as well. The Mullen 200e, which comes as either a low speed passenger van or cargo van will also be unveiled at the LA Auto Show. This low cost, low speed solution will provide tremendous value to municipal and commercial clients and prove that the market for low speed electric vehicles is here to stay. Also at the LA Auto Show, Mullen plans to unveil as many as two new body styles of electric SUV vehicles that will utilize the lithium ion and lithium air technology which will begin production in 2016. Mullen specializes in customized solutions to meet a variety of customer needs, specifically in the municipal, military, and golf industries.

Mullen is committed to not only low cost, high quality products, but to being a fiscally responsible organization that values good business sense and refuses to spend indiscriminately or irresponsibly.

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