Mullen Technologies, Inc. announced today the arrival of the first of 65 Lithium Ion battery packs for their inventory of Mullen 700e zero emission, all electric vehicles. The battery packs, along with 400 lithium ion packed cassettes, over one dozen pallets of additional replacement batteries and individual cells and a 28 unit manufacturer’s fleet of electric vehicles have a market value in excess of $2 million. Mullen paid just over $1 million to acquire these assets and now is preparing for final assembly of the existing Mullen 700e inventory with its partner AMPORTS in Benecia, CA.

At this time, Mullen has purchase orders and anticipated orders of over $55 million for the next 12 months, including the Mullen 700e and 100e series Low Speed Vehicles.

Mullen Technologies, Inc. is committed to not only low cost, high quality product, but to being a fiscally responsible organization that values good business sense and refuses to spend indiscriminately or irresponsibly.

AMPORTS has been a leader in the global automotive service industry for over 50 years. With multiple locations in the United States and Mexico, AMPORTS is one of the largest auto processors in North America.

bats-floor-1024x885AMPORTS provides customers with seamless logistical solutions. All of AMPORTS’ deep-water facilities are located near major highway systems serving densely populated regions. AMPORTS has both long-term leases and property ownership to ensure our customers the footprint they require for today’s volumes and tomorrow’s growth potential.

AMPORTS offers real time vehicle tracking, state-of-the-art technology, custom software, and back up technology to ensure quality service. Our teams of experts are ISO 9001:2008 certified and committed to providing you with an exceptional level of personalized service every time.

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