BREA, California, September 17, 2018 – Mullen Technologies Inc. announces the promotion of William Johnston to Executive Vice President. Mullen Auto Sales names William Johnston President.

Mullen Auto Sales has appointed William Johnston to lead the team. William Johnston will lead Mullen’s automotive retail and wholesale division, which is currently at 5 locations around Southern California. William was also named Executive Vice President and officer at Mullen Technologies, Inc. William will be responsible for business development and overseeing and the appointment of key positions.

William Johnston

William Johnston, President and Executive Vice President

“William Johnston has demonstrated his ability to adapt and take on any role presented to him. I am proud to offer him this responsibility as William has shown to tirelessly accomplish and manage multiple mission-critical projects. Mr. Johnston will continue bring success to our organization” stated Mullen’s group CEO David Michery.

Mr. Johnston will be based out of the headquarters in Brea, California.

About Mullen Technologies:
Mullen Technologies, Inc. is a California based pre-IPO Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturer and international distributor of high tech, zero emission vehicles. The Company aims at solving the significant environmental problem caused by gasoline-powered vehicles and providing a variety of affordable, electric cars to the American market and the entire world market. Currently, the Company manufactures a proprietary USDOT certified four-door electric sedan. The company is in negotiations with several international vehicle manufacturers to develop joint ventures to bring quality, cost-effective vehicles to the United States for certification and distribution.

Mullen Technologies, Inc. is committed to not only low cost, high-quality product, but to be a fiscally responsible organization that values good business sense and refuses to spend indiscriminately or irresponsibly.

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