Executive Team

David Michery

CEO & Founder

David Michery has served as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Mullen Technologies since August 2014.  Mr. Michery brings over 25 years of executive management and marketing experience to the Mullen brand.  Prior to embarking on his professional career, Mr. Michery excelled at engineering and emerging technologies, which led to his invitation by Lee S. Browne, the Director of Special Student Programs at California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) in 1982.  This CalTech pre-engineering program ran in conjunction with a STEM program at the Los Angeles Unified School District for advanced studies.


Mr. Michery’s key strength is being fiscally responsible and being able to lead teams to complete projects on time and within budget. He has demonstrated the ability to build businesses from the ground up and turn them into successful entities that subsequently sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. He holds the operational, financial and legal expertise that is essential to manage expectation and mitigate risks to lead Mullen into a successful venture. Mr. Michery’s background in restructuring failing or defunct entities into cash positive organizations provides him with the experience to resolve the wide range of issues confronting the company, making him a qualified member of the Mullen board. Mr. Michery drives all aspects of Mullen’s multiple divisions to ensure it run smoothly while managing the expectations and the risks associated with everyday business.  He also manages the money and cash flows of the business.  Mr. Michery puts in place policies and procedures within the multiple divisions that move the company forward as it develops its multiple revenue streams. He oversees all aspects, of all divisions of the company.




Calin Popa

CEO Automotive Division

Calin brings over 30 years experience launching 32 different vehicles in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Brazil. He brings expertise from working with some of the leading automotive and EV brands in the world, including FCA ,Ford, GM and Karma. Overall, Calin has the unique ability to apply engineering intellect in daily business initiatives and lead organizations to achieve set targets.


Jerry Alban


Jerry manages capital requirements, cash flow and the overall financial health of Mullen’s multiple divisions of retail, manufacturing and engineering. Jerry also oversees Mullen’s Pre-IPO, including tax compliance and SEC requirements.


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Frank McMahon

CTO of Automotive Division

John Taylor

Vice President of Manufacturing

Marian Petrelecan

Chief Engineer Automotive Division

Weiping Zou

VP of High Voltage Systems



John Sung

VP of Finance

Dorin Barna


Peter Prisbrey

VP of IT
Executive Team
David Michery