Pure, Electric High-Performance Sports Car

Distinctive Electric Luxury

Dynamic and Sleek Design

Flowing lines and sharp contours give QIANTU K50 a distinctive style and ethereal beauty. The sculpted carbon-fiber body adds a futuristic element.

Distinctive colors

QIANTU K50 is available in 6 standard colors with multiple color design options for buyer to choose from. The 19-inch forged aluminum wheels also come in two colors.


K50 All-aluminum body frame

An all-aluminum body frame features a BIW of only 516 lbs, about 38 lbs lighter than traditional steel vehicles.

Carbon-fiber body panels

The 29 components of the carbon-fiber body panels on the K50 weight only 103 lbs. in total. This is over 40 lbs lighter than steel and 20 lbs lighter than aluminum alloy.

Pure, Unparalleled Driving Pleasure

Dual Motor, 4WD provide multiple driving modes

Peak output power from the two motors combined can be as high as 280 kW, with a torque of 580Nm. Acceleration is 0-60 miles/hour in under 4.2 seconds.

Front and rear double wishbone suspension and Chassis calibration by Mira

Thanks to the collaborated chassis development and calibration by Mira, the K50 sports car offers precise handling and ride feedback to drivers.

First Class Details

Brembo high-performance braking system

Uses fixed Brembo 4-piston brake caliper to realize highly effective linear braking at both the front and rear wheels.

Pirelli high-performance sports tires and Lightweight forged aluminum alloy wheel package.

The Pirelli P Zero sports tires that come on the QIANTU K50 feature a unique tread design to make the car a strong performer with awesome grip in wet conditions.

Leather and Alcantara material sports seats

High quality leather and Alcantara material is used to cover the surface of the seats to create an atmosphere of nobility and luxury.

Qiantu Battery Pack

RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System)

Featuring QIANTU Motor’s exclusive RESS, QIANTU K50 has an NEDC range of over 230 miles and with a uniform speed, the range can reach over 310 miles.

Mullen Government Information

Mullen Technologies, Inc.
Headquarters: 1405 Pioneer St. Brea, CA. 92821
DUNS: 08-010-8642
CAGE code: 7TQW2


3353 Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
335312 Motor and Generator Manufacturing
3359 Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing
33591 Battery Manufacturing
335911 Storage Battery Manufacturing
335912 Primary Battery Manufacturing
3361 Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
33611 Automobile and Light Duty Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
336111 Automobile Manufacturing
336112 Light Truck and Utility Vehicle Manufacturing
3362 Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing
33621 Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing
336211 Motor Vehicle Body Manufacturing
3363 Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
336320 Motor Vehicle Electrical and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
336370 Motor Vehicle Metal Stamping
336390 Other Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing


3621 Motors and Generators

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electric motors (except engine starting motors) and power generators; motor generator sets; railway motors and control equipment; and motors, generators, and control equipment for gasoline, electric, and oil-electric buses and trucks. Armatures, industrial

  • Coils for motors and generators
  • Collector rings for motors and generators
  • Commutators, electric motor
  • Control equipment for buses and trucks
  • Converters, phase and rotary: electrical
  • Exciter assemblies, motor and generator
  • Frequency converters (electric generators)
  • Generating apparatus and parts, electrical: except internal combustion
  • Generator sets: gasoline, diesel, and dual fuel
  • Generators and sets, electric: except internal combustion engine,
  • Generators for storage battery chargers, except internal combustion
  • Inverters, rotating: electrical
  • Motor generator sets, except automotive and turbo generators
  • Motor housings
  • Motors, electric: except engine starting motors and gear motors
  • Power generators
  • Railway motors and control equipment, electric
  • Resolvers
  • Rotary converters (electrical equipment)
  • Rotor retainers and housings
  • Rotors for motors
  • Servomotors
  • Storage battery chargers, engine generator type
  • Synchronous condensers and timing motors, electric
  • Torque motors, electric

3629 Electrical Industrial Apparatus, Not Elsewhere Classified

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing industrial and commercial electric apparatus and equipment, not elsewhere classified, such as fixed and variable capacitors and rectifiers for industrial applications.

  • Battery chargers, rectifying or nonrotating
  • Capacitors, a.c.: for motors and fluorescent lamp ballasts
  • Capacitors, except electronic: fixed and variable
  • Condensers for motors and generators
  • Condensers, except electronic: fixed and variable
  • Current collector wheels for trolley rigging
  • Electrochemical generators (fuel cells)
  • Inverters, nonrotating: electrical
  • Series capacitors, except electronic
  • Thermoelectric generators

3694 Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical equipment for internal combustion engines. Important products of this industry include armatures, starting motors, alternators, and generators for automobiles and aircraft; and ignition apparatus for internal combustion engines, including spark plugs, magnetos, coils, and distributors.

  • Alternators, motor vehicle
  • Armatures, motor vehicle
  • Battery cable wiring sets for internal combustion engines
  • Battery charging generators for internal combustion engines
  • Breaker point sets, internal combustion engine
  • Coils, ignition: internal combustion engines
  • Distributors, motor vehicle engine
  • Generators, aircraft and motor vehicle
  • Harness wiring sets for internal combustion engines
  • Ignition cable sets or wire assemblies for internal combustion engines
  • Ignition systems, high frequency
  • Motors, starting: motor vehicle and aircraft
  • Regulators, voltage: motor vehicle
  • Spark plugs for internal combustion engines
  • Voltage regulators, motor vehicle

3711 Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete passenger automobiles, trucks, commercial cars and buses, and special purpose motor vehicles which are for highway use. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing chassis and passenger car bodies. Ambulances (motor vehicles)

  • Assembling complete automobiles, trucks, commercial cars, and buses
  • Automobiles
  • Bodies, passenger automobile
  • Car bodies, including fiberglass
  • Cars, electric: for highway use
  • Chassis, motor vehicle
  • Motor buses, except trackless trolley
  • Motor homes, self contained-mitse
  • Taxicabs
  • Tractors, truck: for highway use
  • Universal carriers, military
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